Save time by automating the fundamentals so you can build what matters

Our scraper sets you up with every account you need to launch your startup, so you can focus on building.

You Choose

You can save a ridiculous amount of time using Pave.

Start from scratch

Create Github repo

0.5 hours

Create & link Vercel project

0.5 hours

Create & link Firebase project

0.5 hours

Create Twitter/Open Graph image & meta info

3 hours

Create privacy & terms

3 hours

Set up Firebase auth

15 hours

Integrate Stripe

20 hours

Build landing page

30 hours


72.50 hours

Start with a fully functional template

Download & start Pave crawler

0.1 hours

Deploy your page on Vercel

0 hours

Find appropriate images

3 hours

Edit meta information

3 hours

Edit privacy & terms

0.1 hours

Choose auth types to support

0.1 hours

Finish entering business info in Stripe

0.5 hours

Enter your own landing page copy

2 hours


8.80 hours

What do you get


The Pave crawler sets you up with all the accounts and credentials you need. When you launch it you can sit back and watch as it gets all your necessary API keys and populates them in the right places

Website Template

Pave comes with a fully responsive landing page template (you're looking at it).

The landing page is build with Next.js and has Firebase auth, Stripe checkout, and Vercel hosting integrated from the start.

Ready to go Flows

The website template already has a ton of application logic built in, such as sign up/sign in, one time payment & subscription checkout flows, etc.

We take care of a lot of the boilerplate that comes with starting a business, so you don't have to.

Maximize your output



Best if you need to get off the ground quickly with the full landing page template

Full landing page template documentation

Access to builder discord



Best if you build many projects and want to benefit from the updates we roll out in the future

Website template +

Project creation crawler

Full-time support

Free SaaS-critical components

Builder newsletter

Ready to start building? isn't fully launched just yet, but if you'd like to help us beta test, join our waitlist!